He Should Seriously Just Stop Talking And Go Away

We Pakistanis have terrible sense of freedom of expression. We bully/insult/show hatred and call it freedom of expression, we use profanities and call it freedom of expression (if you are proud of speaking profanities, check your pride bar please) and then we have our politicians. Nawaz Sharif recent statement on Saturday about 2008 Mumbai attacks had everyone hands over their head and India called it a submission of act, probably with a smirk.

“Militant organisations are active. Call them non-state actors, should we allow them to cross the border and kill 150 people in Mumbai? Explain it to me. Why can’t we complete the trial?”

Later when the consciousness of non state actors was questioned, Maryum Nawaz added “So then who was Zarb-i-Azb [military operation] conducted against?”

Bibi Maryum, it is conducted to defend the country from any national and international threat and to obviously not support any threat to other countries. please let your father know as well.

Soon the wave of accusation started, Shehbaz Sharif also came to rescue his brother claiming that his interview is grossly interpreted by media and Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said the Indian government didn’t even compromised in sharing the evidence. It possessed 90% of the evidence and was the obstacle in investigating. He also pointed out the FIA was refused to let question Ajmal Kasab who was the sole living proof of the attacks. He was suddenly disappeared from media and was executed secretly.

“In a country where cases concerning capital punishment face years of delays, the only proof in a very important case was sent to the gallows in extreme haste to take him away from the public eye and close the door before facts became public.”, said Nisar

well, we do not always welcome international critic but he is not wrong.

The first critic theory formally states that why should anyone believe the man who was disqualified as an acting prime minister for money laundering. He also forged the documents that is illegal. He also wanted to eliminate the constitution that only a Muslim can be head of Pakistan. He is also the ignorant man who claims that the court decision is unfair and wrong despite all the evidence.

Moreover, in 2008 PPP governed Pakistan, was the authority unknown of the threat or did they allow to cross border? Though he didn’t say Pakistani government was involved but it is still the responsibility of government to keep an eye. If back then the government was not aware of the residence of non-state actors in Pakistan then with what authenticity our ex prime minister claimed it? Has Nawaz sahib left the group and has started to disclose information like Mustafa Kamal did and rat out MQM after leaving the party. The weather is quite hot as well. Can we dismiss the statement as the after effects of too much bhaang??

He Should Seriously Just Stop Talking And Go Away


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