Have The Travel Bug? These Are The Top 5 Countries That Let You Travel Visa Free

It’s hard for any sane human being to not have a travel bug. Whether it’s within one’s own country or beyond, we all have the wanderlust and the curiosity to explore. It not only relaxes and inspires us but also gives us a bigger perspective about the world. Travelling is indeed one of the most enriching and healthy activities that anybody can enjoy.

However due to our passport having a rank very low as compared to the rest of the world, it is difficult for us to travel to our dream destinations without hectic visa procedures. We have to deal with screening out procedures along with the hefty costs of travelling. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t places for us Pakistanis to explore freely!

Some very picturesque island countries and more are there to feed your inner thrill seeker. Here are the top 5 destinations that will make you want to ditch your plans to go to Europe because these places are truly exquisite.

1. Maldives

Now who doesn’t know Maldives to be the new paradise on Earth. Many people regard it as their best travel destination. Although it may cost you money to stay in luxury resorts but there is no visa hustle at all!

2. Seychelles

Another beach paradise and home to the honeymoon destination for Prince William and Kate Middleton, what more could one want.

3. Trinidad

This Caribbean Land is full of culture and palm trees and relaxing resorts and will feel like a mini Brazil.

4. Cambodia

Some South East Asian landscape flavor and monuments with a rich history and beautiful museums and great food!

5. Nepal

With visa on arrival facility, it offers the lifetime opportunity to experience the World’s tallest peak Mount Everest. Not to forget the colorful culture and mountain people.


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