Hassan Nisar’s Urdu Column وہ تو کوئی اورتھا

Scene on hai, PML-N! Politicians are now saying that no one can fulfill the requirements of constitutions article 62 & 63. But, leadership of every nation in the world has to fulfill the criteria of honesty & truthfulness to a relatively greater extent. Being a leader is not that easy! An honorable nation can never accept any corrupt person as their leader and if a so called leader gets convicted, he or she, loses the right to remain a leader.

Read Hassan Nisar’s column, وہ تو کوئی اورتھا in Urdu:

Hassan Nisar Urdu Column Wo To Koi Aur Tha

This Urdu column by Hassan Nisar was published in Jang News of 19th July, 2017.

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