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Hassan Nisar is an effective Pakistani reporter, columnist and expert. He has been partnered with GEO TV and Jang Group. He has turned into a commonly recognized name because of his regular appearances in syndicated programs. He is best known for his section ‘Choraha’ which he used to do for Jang Group. He used to run his own particular television show ‘Choraha’ on GEO TV as well. He likewise showed up on syndicated program Meray Mutabiq on GEO News for quite a while but later he quit working for Jan Group and GEO TV in August 2012 because of a few contradictions with their administration. Soon after, he joined DUNYA News and continued his program with new title ‘Meri Dunya’. He worked for DUNYA News for 8 months but again moved back to Jang Group in April 2013 after his disparities were settled with Jang Group’s administration. He is known for his straightforward and bold statements and that is the reason he has immense fan following not just in Pakistan but internationally. He strongly addresses issues related to Pakistan and Islam in general.

Hassan Nisar age

Early Life and Education of Hassan Nisar

Hassan Nisar was born on July 5, 1951 in Faisalabad. His mother was from an influential family while his dad’s family has artistic foundation. He has five siblings, one brother and four sisters. His grandparents moved to Pakistan after the partition of the subcontinent. ‘Farid Chowk’ a square in Amritsar, India was named after his paternal grandfather Farid. Hassan Nisar’s grandfather was also a scholar and he was very fluent in English and Farsi. After partition his father lived in Faisalabad while he was sent to live with his grandfather who used to live in Mian Cahnnu. Hassan Nisar remained in Mian Channu for a long time but later he moved back to Faisalabad because of there were no colleges in the city at that time. Hassan Nisar completed his Matriculation and FA from Faisalabad and later he moved to Punjab University Lahore for his masters in Journalism and Economics.

Hassan Nisar Columns

Age and Family of Hassan Nisar

Hassan Nisar was born on July 5th 1951 in Faisalabad.

Marriages of Hassan Nisar

His first wife was Saeeda Hashmi and he had three children from this marriage. His second wife name is Shazia and he also has three children from this marriage as well. Hassan Nisar wedded columnist and writer Saeeda Hashmi. They met each other at Radio Pakistan Lahore. Their union delivered three children but sadly their marriage did not work out and they separated. He wedded his second and current spouse Shazia in 1995.  Hassan and Shazia stayed conferred in their relationship and this union resulted in the birth of a little girl ‘Mohammadah’ and two boys ‘Hasham’ and ‘Hatam’. Hassan’s children from his first marriage remained with Hassan for some time but later they went on to live with their mother.

Hassan Nisar education

Contacting Hassan Nisar

You can contact him from his following social media accounts:



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