Has Nawaz Sharif Been Disqualified for Life or for 10 Years?

The 5 member larger bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has declared Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (now ex Prime Minister) disqualified for holding any public office, under Article 62 (1) F of the constitution of Pakistan. But it is not clear that if this disqualification is for life or for 10 or few years.

Former Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary had sentenced for life but former Chief Justice Nasir ul Mulk sent the matter back to the bench, and that bench also could not complete the action to determine the punishment. Khursheed Anwar Rizvi, who is the President Supreme Court bar, said that this chapter of the law is silent, but the doors of repentance are open. The case should be discussed and disqualification for life is not the right interpretation, “it can’t be right”, said Khursheed Rizvi.

Former Supreme Court Bar president, Barrister Ali Zafar says that this decision is not clear and the Supreme Court should have cleared this uncertainty in the decision. Former President Supreme Court Bar Kamran Murtaza said that there’s an error in the clause of Zia ul Haq which could not be removed. The 62 (1) F of the constitution has been implemented for the first time in the history and the Supreme Court does not have the right to set a sentence of punishment in relation to this clause.

Legal expert Babar Sattar and Secretary Supreme Court Bar, Aftab Baja says that after the Supreme Court’s verdict, the prime minister has become disqualified for life.

There’re clearly two different sets of opinions about this disqualification of Nawaz Sharif but what exactly this means, can only be clarified by the Supreme Court in the coming working week.

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