Harsh Reality: Aftab Iqbal Exposing Corrupt Pakistani Political System

Aftab Iqbal who is a senior anchor person and an analyst on Pakistani politics and on many social issues. In this video he is exposing the corrupt Pakistani political system and electoral system in Pakistan.

He mentioned that the main reason behind the success of corrupt political system is the unemployment rate in Pakistan and fear of earning a reasonable living which seems impossible in pakistan without going out of the legal way. It is impossible to improve the governance in Pakistan unless you empower general public and guarantee them a sustainable living with in their resources. The Urban elite in cities and landlord and “Wadera”  system in villages of pakistan makes it impossible to bring out the real issue of society. These two cultures can really manipulate political and electoral system in Pakistan and drag the real issues behind. He emphasized on that we need a presidential system instead of parliamentary system of government but for that we must have honest and sincere politician to rule the general public.


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