Happy Birthday Nazia Hassan! Google Honored Late Singer on Her Birthday

Nazia Hassan, the “Queen of Pop”, was one of the most prominent celebrities across the Southern part of Asia especially Pakistan and India, to whom Pakistan owes all its vibrant music. She was a pop-singer, song writer, lawyer and a social worker. She earned degrees in Law and Economics in two prestigious London schools, the Richmond, American International University and University of London. Nazia was the first Pakistani singer to be renowned world-wide due to her English single, Dreamers Dewaane. Born on 3rd April 1965 in Karachi, she started her music career at the age of just ten years. Along with her brother Zoheb Hassan, she sold over 65 million records worldwide.

nazia hassan doodle

Nazia Hassan with son

With her debut in Aap Jaisa Koi, she began her singing career as she appeared as a child artist on PTV. Her debut album, Disco Deewane, made her famous worldwide and the album became the best-selling Asian pop-record till then. In her last album, Camera Camera, she fought against drug abuse. Nazia Hassan became the sub-continent’s most popular celebrities, receiving numerous rewards and, at age 15, becoming the youngest ever and first Pakistani to receive the FilmFare Award but she retired from her singing career in 1992.

Nazia Hassan marriage

Nazia Hassan with brother

Over her 25 years of singing career, Nazia gained fame throughout the world. She got married on 30th March, 1995 to business man Mirza Ishtiaq Baig and gave birth to a son, Arez Hassan. Nazia was diagnosed with lung cancer just days before her marriage and ten days before Nazia’s death, her husband divorced her as she breathe her last on 13th August, 2000, giving in to her fight against cancer. The person who brought smiles to so many people, died in pain and misery.

on nazia hassan birthday

According to her brother, “She died an unhappy person, she died in pain.” Google honored the Pakistani music legend by setting a doodle of her, singing, on it’s logo on her 53rd birth anniversary. It is a sign that she will never be forgotten by her fans throughout the world.


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