Hania Amir’s Shoot For A Jewellery Brand

Hania Amir has come a long way since her first appearance. She has certainly upped her style game and has refined her innocent and attractive looks. Hania started her career with a supporting role in Janaan and currently is a foremost lady. She is doing massive projects on television and the film industry. Her latest Parwaaz Hai Junoon has done huge at the box office and is still running in cinemas. Hania has since then become a favorite among many brands and has been a face for many as well.

Hania did a photo shoot for a jewellery brand recently and she looked eye-catching. With her innocent looks, flawlessly styled hair, simple outfits and overwhelming jewellery, Hania was merely a spectacle to observe. Her picture in the Silence of The Lambs pose looks traditional. Here are a few pictures from her shoot:

Hania is absolutely looking remarkable and has shown that she can do traditional with class anytime.


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