Hamza Ali Abbasi Opening a Flying School in Pakistan

Our very own renowned and inspirational actor Hamza Ali Abbasi thinks about opening a flying school in Pakistan that would provide to every citizen irrespective of their class or status. The actor publicized this during the promotions of his latest movie Parwaaz Hai Junoon in New York.

The PHJ actor loves planes, his favorite is Pakistan’s flagship fighter plane F-16 and possibly this is one of the motives he was excited to sign the air force movie.

During the promotions of PHJ, the actor declared that he was thrilled when this film came his way in which he got to live his dream. What could be better than that?

His love for fighter planes currently wants him to do something dynamic out of the passion. As expected, he has a strong-will to open a distinctive kind of flying school that would be for kids as well as adults and would be free from all sorts of nepotism and unfairness.

The proud star is working on the road map and scheme of his flying school and will shortly have an enhanced picture of the idea.


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