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Dear Hammad Tariq

We hope you’re reading this. If you’ve ever wondered how people look at you or feel about you, you can simply analyze that by checking out your Instagram & Twitter public profile feeds below. Don’t believe in what people say. The number of ‘Likes’ you get over Facebook or the ‘Retweets’ you get over Twitter or even the “Followers’ you’ve over Instagram, this all has no meaning until you add value to other people’s lives.

Your Instagram’s Public Feed

Your Twitter’s Public Feed

In an elitist society where almost all news & media platforms are controlled by the same upper fragment, the poor get used. Be it as the fuel for populism, or as a fuel to protect elites from covid-19 (re: a migrant worker cycling hundreds of miles hailed as a hero?)

I am thinking of starting a urdu/hindi YouTube channel with the aim of teaching defi arbitrage, lending borrowing, perpetuals etc. The content and reach can be powerful but I know I will stop after exactly two videos.

Where to find any motivation these days? 🤔

Make smart people ask you questions as you won't form a concrete opinion regarding most important and out-of-the-box strategies unless asked!

It’s not that you want to be in a constant state of alert.

But in an aberrant situation, you usually fix the aberrance before returning to normal.

Instead we are resuming driving with a leaky tire. Or whatever analogy you prefer.

A real question is how far we’ll get.

Defi question of the day:

What is the motivation for market makers to participate in a defi protocol?

I don't believe its just the "not your keys, not your coins" thing. What is it then?

Alright VCT, I get WFH is the future and everyone wants to move to the middle of Nevada with no GSM signals (so need satellite internet to have zoom calls😼).

But how are we supposed to learn, grow and find breakthroughs on zoom when everyone is so concious and to-the-point?

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Hammad, the least you can do is to start sharing some more valuable information for people who follow you! We hope the above true reflections of your own self would have made you think better about you!

Best Regards,

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