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How is the crash course in economics going?

Do we all agree now that economics is “not-finance” so defi and specifically “halving” can’t solve it?

Entrepreneurs, this is Houston. We just wanted to say you are on your own!

What if you stop being an explainer and just nod with whatever conspiracy theory is being pitched to you? Will that lead to quick wrap-up of the topic?

Asking for a friend

Been calling myself a full-stack dev from last 15 years. Languages that allowed me to get-by for 13 years:


Languages I had to learn in 2 years after entering blockchain space:


How many more are there?

So, they say after apocalypse you go back to your natural self.

You shed your adaptive nature as you become less concerned with social norms.

Just noticed, I am increasingly finding myself back in 1999, 60% of myself is back including the music.

Who would have thought...

Quick exponentiation maths for startups:

Aim for each user bringing in 2.5 other users, you will double the growth every two-three days!

Cut that on-boarding rate in half and your growth is down 95%!

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