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Today, Pluto is crossing the solar system's plane for the first time since 1931, only a year after its discovery. It won't do so again for 161 years. (📷 Anne Verbiscer)

Are you vegan? 🥕

This app lets you scan your groceries and detect non-vegan ingredients 🙅‍

Wooohoooo... Vegan Scanner is at #4 of Product Hunt today! I seriously did not see it coming...

For Blockchain to take off in the mainstream, it can't be and wont be about forcing companies to adapt to blockchain, rather it will be making blockchain solutions that meet the needs of mainstream companies and their customers / consumers.

Learned today why they say post on product hunt at 12:01 am. Read that, heard that, watched that, still posted at 4:00 am. There is no replacement of muscle memory.

The most fun part about learning something new is the exponential pace at which you learn. The worst part about learning something new is the moment you learn just enough to understand how far you are from being great at that thing & have to choose whether to keep going or not.

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