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My general advice: Pakistani Entrepreneurs: How to start a startup? #startups #entrepreneurship

@ChrisBlec It’s unlikely that censorable coins will win the store of value use case. Like all analogies, it’s inexact.

@ChrisBlec Turned out to have been an improperly framed showdown. Android, Mac OS X and iOS kernels are based on Linux and BSD. Open source kernels have absolutely crushed Windows. And apps have migrated to web and mobile so Windows barely matters anymore.

Re: Facebook. FB was trying to monopolize the social graph. The permissionlessly programmable version of that is the mobile contact list. Thanks to that, an unending series of mobile apps assaults FB. FB stays afloat via smart acquisitions but its social graph monopoly is dead.

People once thought that AOL would beat the open web. Permissionless programmability and uncensorability seemed unimportant.

Don’t bet against a distributed army of self-interested programmers.

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