Hadiqa Kiani Stands Up For Single Mothers

Hadiqa Kiani is no foreign name to our nation, she is amongst the legendary names we are proud to call ours, and recently this legendary pop singer took to Instagram to share some precious moments with Naad-E-Ali, her 13 year old son, and as usual, the critics detected the obvious absence of a man!

Hadiqa shared that she receives many ‘proposals’ on Instagram from men who express their desire to marry her while acknowledging that she has a son. Now it’s not obvious whether her ‘suitors’ are saying they wish to marry her for the sake of her son or despite her having a son, but Hadiqa says she’s had enough of her child being used as an excuse to initiate talk about the need for her marriage.

In an Instagram Story she shared her thoughts on the whole matter about these ‘suitors’:

The notion that the single mother is a victim needing your pity or love is beyond me. The fact that men like this think that I, or any woman, is desperate for marriage because she has a child is disgusting. Having a child is not a disability. It’s an honor and privilege. Stop using the child of a woman as a way to romance her or as a way to force her into a relationship because this society makes it seem like single mothers aren’t capable of raising their children on their own.”

She also went on to share her own experience of having faced various societal pressures and problems while adopting her own child,

When I chose to adopt, I was told by many that it would ruin my chances of remarrying. I know other women who have been harassed by family members and people in our society. Being told that they must find a father for their kids. And many men are amazing and kind and loving but there are evil men who take advantage of a single mother’s children. The same relatives who tell you to remarry never seem to mention those men. I say all of this to say: Respect the single mother’s capabilities as a parent.”

She also had a message for women around the world:

It is your job to encourage and uplift your fellow women, not judge her or force her into a relationship just for the sake of a relationship.”

This, and more will always be one of the many reasons why we love Hadiqa Kiani and why she will always have a high place of respect in our hearts.


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