Gulalai, What’s The Story?

If a powerful personality ill treats a woman, house lady or a working lady, that personality should be brought to justice. We Pakistanis respect women to an extreme extent where we even respect women of our enemies. But, on the other hand, if such allegation gets proven as a false one, the woman should be also be brought to justice. Case is of PTI’s member of the parliament, Ayesha Gulalai & the allegations are directed towards Imran Khan. PML-N & it’s supporters are saying that all allegations by Ayesha Gulalai are true. Whereas, even the female members of PTI are saying that all such allegations over Imran Khan are false.

Urdu Column of Ayaz Khan Gulalai, Mamla Kya Hai

This Urdu column of Ayaz Khan was published on 5th August, 2017.

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