Gul Panra Went Against Her Family To Start A Singing Career

Gul Panra is a person who got nationalized fame after Coke Studio’s “Man Aamade Am”. Though Gul Panra has been singing independently and in Pashto Films for quite some time and she had been prominent in the Pashto industry as well however her name got identification and the masses got to know her after her introduction in Coke Studio.

Gul Panra visited Ek Naye Subha With Farrah and shared her journey towards starting her singing career. It was difficult for her to start a career in singing because she belonged to a very traditional and spiritual family and she knew that she would never get permission to sing. Thus she started singing without informing her parents. When her song came out it was very difficult for her to calm down her parents specially her mother.

Gul Panra told that her mother was the one who was the angriest for the reason that she is a very religious woman but her father caved and he and her sister supported her. She said that her sister is the one who initially pushed her towards this career.



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