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Gul Panra, her real name is Mehnaz is a Pashto singer from Pakistan.

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Gul Panra’s Age, Education and Family

She was born in Peshawar, Pakistan on 6 September 1989.She got fame in short time from Coke Studio Pakistan from her duet with Atif Aslam. She started her career at a very young age. She is very young and beautiful, she has natural quality and attraction towards singing since her childhood and she naturally got those vocals of a very sweet voice. She lived in a very conservative area where people usually don’t support working in Showbiz specially the girls aren’t allowed to be doing such things as there are certain limits that has been set by the society and she belongs to a very conservative family where his father was the only one who supported to start her career in this field and her mother still has some issues with her singing, usually the father or the male guardians have such issues but she says that she doesn’t have a strict father but a strict mother.
She got admission in Peshawar University for her higher studies and she was able to gain admission on her merit. She completed her Masters in her field of interest that is Masters in Social Work. She completed that degree with brilliant grades and success. She is one of the most educated Pashto Singers.

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Career of Gul Panra

Gul Panra is known for her singing. She is beautiful and she got her fame majorly from singing in Coke Studio. She started her career officially for like 7 years ago in spite of facing all the difficulties within the family. The path to success is never very easy; it is in fact very harsh and full of challenges on each and every step. Gul definitely had to struggle very much to come to this platform she is now on. Gul Panra is very sweet and kind human. Gul Panra is a very simple and decent girl, she has never done such a work where she disgraces her family or culture, but still people make her linked with such scandals.

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Contacting Gul Panra




Some Pictures of Gul Panra


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