Government Has Launched Website To Track PM’s 100 Days Agenda

After the long struggle and dreams of Imran Khan and with immense amount of nation’s support PTI was handed over the governance of Pakistan. The Nation has a lot of expectation from the government this time. The whole judgment depends on the pre-election agenda promised in May by Imran Khan. He had plans to transform and strengthen the standards of institutions within 100 days.

On Friday, 5th of october the ministry of information Fawad Chaudhry launched an official website named “” by government to keep track of 100 days agenda progress. The announcement regarding website and government progress was announced on Minister’s twitter account.

The initiative is like a witness to PTI’s government transparency on some level. The official website is designed in the most sober way for a clear stand.

Salman Saeed, Social entrepreneur also primarily launched a portal to keep track of the PMs 100-day agenda called Khan Meter.

The government also introduced ‘FakeNewsBusterMoIB’ to ‘identify and expose fake news and documents, after the rumors of appointment of PTI lawmaker Maleeka Bokhari as chairperson of  Benazir income support programme.


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