Government Assets To Generate Revenue, Soon?

Since the formation of PTI government, as a measure to recover the damages of money laundering the government announced the auction of several government officials’ assets. So, far 61 (including six bulletproof) out 201 vehicles of PM house have been auctioned off. The highest bid Rs.27.4 million was on Land cruiser V8. The auction of 61 vehicles has added 200 million to the national wealth.

The PM also announced that he would convert the government buildings into public serving sectors, these are as follows:

  • Prime Minister house is expected to be converted into Postgraduate university through additional construction. The PM house covers 1,096 kanals and requires Rs.470 million for its maintenance.

  • The government house in Murree (on which 600m was spent on by Punjab government) is intended to turn into a “Heritage boutique hotel”, a tourist resort (fun fact: it has gold-plated commodes). The building yearly maintenance expenditure is Rs.35m and other annual expenses estimates to Rs.25m. Although, the formalities will be carried out by government but he transformation will be handled by private sector.

  • A Punjab house with governor’s annexe used as a rest house in Rawalpindi spreads over 70 kanals of which maintenance cost Rs.40m annually. The building would either be converted into an incubation centre/IT based higher education institution.or the National College Of Arts Pindi would be shifted into the building.
  • The Governor House in Lahore covers 700 kanals of land. Apart from schools and vocational training institutions already located on the compounds, the Governor House will be converted into an Art gallery and museum. The property ground will only include a public park and a mini zoo.
  • The Shahrah-i-Quaid-i-Azam building in Lahore cost Rs.80m for maintenance alone. The building is expected to be converted into a craft museum and a convention hall within to rent for events. Whereas, as an alternative to this building The Chanda House in  Lahore will be turned into present use Governor house.

  • Another state guest house in Lahore at Mall road with maintenance of Rs.5m annually will be converted into a five-star hotel.
  • The Governor House in Karachi will be converted into a museum while the Sindh governor will shift into state house of the city.

There has been also been criticism that these houses are designed to protect the officials and there is no downside in PM living at a secured residence till his tenure is completed, these announcement might set a new standard/trend but it will not solve people’s problems.


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