Golf Clubs/Courses in Lahore and their Numbers

Lahore is one of the centers of golf activity in the country. Playing host to many international tournaments, it boosts of more than a bunch of international standard golf courses, new ones propping up ever so often, All these enlisted golf clubs aren’t purely golf clubs, they contain other facilities such as fitness clubs, gyms, swimming pools, cafes, bakeries etc., and hence draw a huge amount of people just for that. Almost all big golf clubs have wedding halls/ event halls, farmer’s markets, concerts, social musical nights as well catering to a lager audience.

Some of the most famous and visited Pakistan golf courses are listed as:

Stunning Garrison Golf and Country Club

Lahore Garrison Golf & Country Club:

Lahore Garrison Golf & Country Club owned by Pakistan Army. It is a relatively simple golf course, on an easy level, mostly frequented by generals and brigadiers (army officers). Traditionally like all good golf courses it has 18 holes. Army tournaments frequent keep the club eventful. It can be reached at +92 321 4465113

Lush Green Field of Lahore Gymkhana

Lahore Gymkhana:

Elite golf club, possibly the most desirable in the country. Ultimate rich fellows form the rooster of members. Membership approval period ranges between 10 years or more on an average, if they accept to put you on the list. It is a ‘long’ golf course, based on international standards. Preferred by professionals because of the design and atmosphere. It can be reached at +92 42 111 111 231.

Amazing View of Royal Palm Golf and Country Club

Royal Palm:

It is situated on the crossing of canal road with Allama Iqbal road. Owned by railways, a few decades ago a Malaysian company decided to renovate and established it as an international club. Royal Palm Golf and Country Club sees mixed gatherings ranging from elites to professionals to upper middle class. It can be reached at +92 42 111 602 602

Enterance of Defense Raya Golf Club Lahore

Defense Raya:

Defense Raya is a new arrival but an international level golf course. The difficulty level is hard, so much so that professionals like to play to show superiority over amateurs. Greatly designed by the best in the world. Almost all fairways are lined by water hazards and uneven, undulating ground, testing skill and prowess to the hilt. The membership is around 12.5 lac, making it an exclusive club, and makes it more desirable than the rest of the existing one with the exception of Gymkhana. It can be reached at +92 1118 00300.

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