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Mr. Gohar Ali is a political personality in Pakistan. He is an active politician especially in the region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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Age and Education of Mr. Gohar Ali Shah

Mr. Gohar Ali was born in Mardan. He is living in Mardan with his family. He is a Muslim and practices the teachings Islam. He has done completed his secondary education.

Marriage and Children of Gohar Ali

Mr. Gohar Ali has a happy family life. He is happily married. His father’s name is Salim Shah. His father has been the biggest supporter who played a key role in his development.  He has been able to triumph in both personal and professional life.

Career in politics

Mr. Gohar Ali is currently positioned in the Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. His term started in 2013 and is ongoing to date. He is affiliated with the left wing of the popular liberal party Awani National party which has focused to bring rights for the labor community. Mr. Gohar Ali is also serving as a welfare worker. He is a person of high character who is serving his people with devotion. He is also positioned in the general seat. He strongly promotes democracy and progress.

Mr. Gohar Ali Shah is in his middle thirties and he is a very enthusiastic person. He is motivated to serve his community. He is currently a member of several committees. He is an active member of Standing Committee No. 20 on Planning and Development Department; he is also serving as a member of Standing Committee No. 16 on Irrigation and Power Department. He is also an active member of Standing Committee No. 10 on Finance Department.

He is also very careful regarding the affairs of his constituency. Currently, he is serving the constituency of PK-2 Mardan-VI.

Contacting Mr. Gohar Ali Shah


Permanent Contact: Alam Gunj Kohi, P.O. Kohi Barmol, Tehsil & District Mardan.

Cell: 0345-9062003/0300-9057547


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