Go to School: Education Ambassador Focusing on Girl’s Education

Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education (PAGE) is an organization working on girl’s education. They have commenced their Global Ambassador for Girls Education campaign at Islamabad Club and they support the “One million kids to school” programme.

PAGE Managerial Director Fajer Rabia Pasha told that the organization is working on including their campaigns for Pakistan’s largest education plan in partnership with American Refugee Committee, sustained by Government of Pakistan and Education Above All.

She briefed the guests about the organization’s striving targets of educating one million children in the next three years. She spread awareness to communities and said that overseas Pakistanis must come together to speak on the education crises in Pakistan. There is a very urgent need to talk on this issue because sadly 22.8 million children are still not enrolled in school yet. Joanna Roper, UK Special Envoy for Gender Equality certified PAGE and their work during her talk and emphasized the importance of educating girls globally.

Senator Mohammad Ali Khan Saif also highlighted the implication Islam gives to education and encouraged the audience to get involved for a better nation.

Why is our nation lacking behind? Just because of the education. Our youth needs education. Every child has a right to go to school and study. It’s very necessary. If you live around people who aren’t letting their daughters to study, kindly give them awareness and explain the importance of education to them.


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