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GNN-Gourmet Set To Conquer All Grounds With Its Very Own News Channel

Gourmet is a chain of bakeries all over Islamabad and Lahore. It started with a few branches and over the past few years it expanded to every corner of Lahore. It sold bakery items at first but it now sells not only its own drinking water, clothes, hotels but many other things.

In few years Gourmet gained so much popularity that it has become a brand. People trust what Gourmet sells. It never failed to sweeten our mouths and hearts with its mouthwatering cakes and Gulab Jamun. No one was much shocked with its fast growing business until now; Gourmet launched its own new channel GNN. GNN(Gourmet News Network) came with the moto “G Sab Janta Hai” where G obviously stands for Gourmet.

They are still not broadcasting any shows but the advertisements which are all about what there channel is about. Gourmet has never disappointed us and we hope that the news channel will also be up to our expectations. We wish GNN a good future in media industry.

After this experiment of Gourmet we can’t imagine where Gourmet will go next.


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