Ginger: What’s So Good About It?

We all see and hear our mothers and grandmother talk about how good it is for your health, but why is that so?

Well, science had a few things to say about this creation of nature too.

What’s that? Have a look for yourself, here’s 12 proven health benefits of ginger, or as we call it, adrak.

1. It has medicinal properties

2. It helps with nausea

3. It reduces muscle pain and soreness

4. It’s anti-inflammatory so it helps with osteoarthritis

5. It decreases heart problem risks

6. It helps treat chronic indigestion

7. It also significantly reduces menstrual pain

8. It also lowers cholesterol levels

9. It contains anti-cancerous components

10. It improves brain function, and protects against Alzheimer’s

11. It contains active ingredients that fight germs and infections

So, in a nutshell, ginger is a super-food and one of it’s kind!


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