Ghoul: Netflix Indian Miniseries

India has started to get a strong stand in Netflix by giving out great TV shows and movies. The Netflix 2018 release of first original Indian series Sacred Games gained much hype. The story revolves around the plot of a police officer and a famous wanted gangster, few days before an intensive tragedy might hit Mumbai. The season 1 ended with eight episodes and cliffhanger.  Season 2 is soon expected. Recently, Netflix released its second original Indian (mini) Series “GHOUL” starring Radhika Apte as Rida Rahim, who also starred as a member of intelligence in sacred games.

The story starts with fascist  scenario of strict military surveillance as a caution to terrorist attack. Progressing the story, Rida Rahim is pulled out of her five-week remaining training and sent to an unknown location as an assignment to assist the team in interrogating the terrorist alliance but there is a hidden reason behind it.

During interrogation of most wanted terrorist leader ‘Ali Saeed’ played by Mahesh Balraj she discovers something supernatural and deviant about the events happening around. In this mini series, a turn of events leads to the unnerving truth which would be hard for the world to swallow.

Ghoul is a three episode miniseries which does not ends with a cliff but a season 2 is expected. The concept of the storyline is strong. The events are not fantasized supernatural but are inspired with the very concept of Mokal in Islam (supernatural entities which are difficult  to get control over but once you do, they are loyal in both good and evil purposes). It was directed and produced well, with haunting visuals and unique creativity. It’s definitely worth watching.


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