How to Get a Driving License in Lahore

Following 42 days of getting Learner Permit, you can apply for Regular Driving License.

List of Requirements for Driving License in Lahore

  • Fill “General Driving License Form-A”.
  • Join 3 international ID measure photos, duplicate of CNIC, Medical Certificate and Original Learner Permit.
  • Glue important tickets on your application shape.
  • Store your total application record to your closest Traffic Police Office/Licensing Center.
  • They will advise you about Time/Date for test.
  • Show up in test on given date. Normally Verbal Test/Interview and pragmatic driving test are taken for Motorcycle, Rickshaw, Tractor and Car while a composed test is required for LTV and HTV Licenses.
  • Upon effective fruition of these tests, you will be conceded with a customary driving permit.

They had effectively arranged a course utilizing Cone formed articles and necessity was to drive the auto on their predefined course and don’t touch the cones. You are required to first drive the auto in forward bearing and afterward in turn around.

Application structures can be acquired from any photograph state shop close to Licensing Center.

You can apply just in your neighborhood driving test focus, from the city of your home. Be that as it may in the event that you are incidentally living in some other region (e.g. for work and so forth.) you need to give business testament/inhabitant authentication, issued from your area of expertise/manager.

Legitimacy of driving permit is 5 years. Before expiry, you need to reestablish your permit from a similar issuing expert/office. Learn and recall all activity motions before going for test.

Generally they request that you drive in “L shape” forward and in reverse for Motor Car and LTV. In any case they may approach you for driving in “? Shape” forward/in reverse and parallel stopping for HTV.

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