Games and Sports Are Good For Pakistani Teens. Here’s Why?

Video games are one of the best stress-relievers, Even better than a psychiatrist. The students in our country today, find themselves in quite a lot of stress. Overwhelming amount of studies, the fear of examinations due to our current educational system’s flaws, domestic responsibilities and no time to relax are some of the major factors that cause stress among the students. This not only destroys their mental capabilities but also causes a lot of suicide, mental disorders and misery among students. Their golden years are spent just poring over books, pushing their minds to it’s limits, breaking their brains just so they can get enough marks to get a job and stress themselves even more. Their childhood memories, when they were care-free, makes this all even worse for them.

Games and Sports Are Good For Pakistani Teens. Here

In West, students get enough time to get out and enjoy their lives while in Pakistan, they just shut themselves in and try to study. The huge amounts of stress lead them to drugs, smoking and drinking as an attempt to regain their psychological balance. If only our teens had enough time to go out for sports or play video game, they would not be that stressed out, they might even be more productive. All the rage, all the anger of this generation is due to this stress. Even have been a victim to this. When they go out to play, they not only relieve their stress but they also sharpen their minds and their bodies. Sports provide an awesome source for exercise. The feeling when you are out playing with your friends are just indescribable. Sports not only use the physical strength but also enhance the mental capabilities like the senses and our reflexes. indoor games like Chess have been found to be extremely powerful in developing an intelligent mind. The cardiac diseases and joint problems can usually be avoided if a they are kept in motion. This strain also helps them to increase their working capability, allowing them to work for longer times.

Games and Sports Are Good For Pakistani Teens. Heres Why

On the other hand, for people like me, who do not usually go outside or have nowhere to go, can seek refuge in video games. Researches have proved that video games can help release stress extremely quick. With all the nostalgia about violent games making people ‘violent’, science has proved that violent games are in no way linked to aggressive or violent social behavior. Even such behavior is controllable by such games, allowing a vent for the rage inside. The most violent games are found to be the best stress relievers. For example, my best friend was a highly depressed person who had extreme aggression. His teacher gave him one of the most violent games ever made, Prototype. And guess what? His depression disappeared without a trace. I, for one, was an extremely aggressive person. I was the most hated kid in the house, which obviously didn’t help. I turned towards video games, violent ones. My first game was Gears of War. The violence helped my to let out my rage, making me calmer in my social life. As everyone noticed my changes, they became more accepting.

Games and Sports Are Good For Pakistani Teens

It has also been observed that people who play video games, have keener eye sights and can observe hidden patterns more easily than non-gamers. They have improved motor skills, object handling and quicker and stable fingers. A huge problem in Pakistan is the unavailability of sports complexes. The new Virtual reality technology can change that, virtually turning your house into a playground. With advances in this technology, there is no doubt that it will be the playground of future, combining video games and sports. All of this aside, The need of the hour is to make student’s schedules more adjustable for such pleasures so they can relieve their stress and focus better at their tasks. But even this should have it’s limit for it is well-known;

Excess of anything is as bad as too little.

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