Fruit Juices in Pakistan – Know What You Drink

It’s a hot summer in Pakistan & there’re a number of companies that are producing fruit juices. But, are they really fruit juices or there’s just water, sugar & flavor. Following is a list of fruit juice product types in Pakistan:

Pure Fruit Juice 100%: It’s an all juice product without any adjustment or concentrate. Pure juice is usually pasteurized & may contain some preservatives.

Fresh Squeezed Fruit: It’s also a pure juice but there might be some food safety concerns as this type of juice is not pasteurized and, sometimes, fruits are kept refrigerated.

Chilled Juice Ready to Serve: This type of juice is made from concentrate. It’s pasteurized & is held refrigerated.

Fresh Frozen Fruit Juice: This type of juice is kept frozen right after extraction. Might not be pasteurized but it’s single strength reconstituted juice (should be used right after making it unfrozen)

Fruit Juice Blend: It’s also a frozen juice type that is usually kept unpasteurized & is single strength. It’s a mixture of different pure juices that’s why it’s called a blend.

Fruit Nectar: This type of juice might be pulpy or clear. It’s 25% to 50% juice and the rest is sugar, water and acid.

Puree: It’s a pulp containing juice type. More viscous than juices and is totally fruit.

Nectar Base: This type requires reconstitution and possesses sufficient flavor, acid and sugar to require water dilution for consumption.

Juice Drink: It’s a low in juice type and contains 10% to 20% juice. Rest is water, sugar, acid etc.

Fruit + Ade: It’s a sort of lemonade that contains greater then 10% fruit juice. rest is sugar and water.

Juice Extract: This type is a fruit extracted by water, then concentrated.

Fruit Punch: It’s just 1% juice and the rest is water & natural flavors

Juice Cocktail: It’s a low in juice concentrate that contains 10% to 20% juice.

Unfortunately, we can not add images of local products here for examples but if you understand our constraints, please share the images & local brands in the comments below.

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