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Frieha Altaf is a Pakistani model, actress, socialite, fashion choreographer and CEO of Catwalk Event Management & Productions since 1989. She is known in Pakistan’s media industry for her charming and warm personality and can be spotted at almost all fashion events in the country.

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Education and Age of Frieha

Frieha was born on 20th of September but her year of birth is unknown and we don’t like to speculate any news that isn’t acknowledged by the celebrity we make profile of. But what we do know is that she was born in Karachi and that’s the city she did her undergraduate from. Later on she also got a diploma in fashion and design from Barbizon Institute, Canada.

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Freiha Altaf’s Family, Marriages, Children and Struggle

To be honest, Frieha had not much luck when it comes to marriage. She was married thrice but none of them ever worked and thus were short lived. In an interview Frieha told that she got married at a fairly young age but her husband didn’t care much about her and was unfaithful. Her second marriage took place in 1988 and she went to America as her second husband was settled there. After a year in 1989 while she was visiting her family in Pakistan, she told by her brother that her husband is involved with some other women and she decided not to go back to USA and filed for divorce.

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She married for the third time to a Pakistani-Canadian businessman and had two children, a boy and a girl from this marriage. It was during this marriage when she got a diploma in fashion and design and she also started to teach in the same institute. She couldn’t get third time lucky as again she found out that even her third husband is also having an illicit relationship with another women. Frieha immediately filed for divorce, took her children custody and came back to her home city Karachi.

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Modelling and Career of Frieha Altaf

After coming back from Canada, she started to pursue modelling as a career. She told in an interview that after her third divorce, she was extremely distressed and that was one moment she was undecided about her future. But she held her composure and started modelling and soon her patience paid-off as she got many offers from almost all major brands of Pakistan at that time.

Frieha Altaf’s Childhood Abuse

As the country is currently gripped by the child abuse incident in which a little 7 year old girl is barbarically raped and murdered in Kasur, some celebrities including Nadia Jamil, Frieha Altaf and Maheen Khan have came out and shared their childhood abuse stories.

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Contacting Frieha Altaf

Frieha can be reached out through her official social media accounts as she herself operates them.




Some Pictures of Frieha


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