Free/Low Cost Education Institutes in Pakistan

A few of the many free NGO supported schools that operate in Pakistan are listed, with a short background and history of their conception and operation.

  1. Danish School System

In a bid to provide good education to deserving children but of poor background, Government of Punjab established and introduced a school system known as Danish School System. The sole purpose is to provide excellent education free of cost to those who truly deserve it.

Started in 2011, this project’s first school was established in Rahim Yar Khan and all applicants go through a background check to rightly assess their monetary conditions. Households with incomes less than Rs/-6000 were chosen and their kids were enrolled in the schools.

  1. Amal-e-Danish School

Set up by Parveen Rao together with few of her friends back in 1984, this school’s education is cheaper than a box of match. Parveen Rao started this project to provide reliable and private school level education to kids who couldn’t afford it. All they needed to do was pay Rs/-1 at the end of each month. This was done just so children don’t feel like a charity case and despite low funds and repeated difficulties, the school has shut down once but reopened with immense dedication of Mrs. Rao herself and a few of her donors.

  1. Mercy Pak Schools

With the joint efforts of National Education Foundation (NEF) & Mercy International Pakistan, few schools were acquired who provided primary school education and funded to provide free of cost education to deserving and ambitious students. Initially, eight schools (6 NEF facilitated Community Model Schools in Islamabad, Riffah Model School Rawalpindi and Al-Noor Model School, Muzaffarabad AJK) were selected for adoption.

  1. Al-Khidmat Foundation Schools

Under the Al-Khidmat foundation, new schools were built and a few existing ones were acquired that shared Al-Khidmat’s vision to provide international quality education to the very talented yet needy segment of the society. For example, Ghazali Education Trust, Baithak Schools System and Read Foundation Azad Kashmir are few of the schools that fall under the banner of Al-Khidmat Schools.

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