Food Business License Requirements in Pakistan

Any person who intends to use any place for the purpose for which a licence is required, shall apply in writing to the licensing authority concerned stating the purpose for which the place is intended to be used and shall submit block plans in triplicate showing:

  1. The actual area purposed to be used.
  2. The location at which various operations connected therewith are to be carried on.
  • On receipt of an application and plans, the Government Public Analyst concerned or the Executive District Officer Health, as the case may be, shall inspect the said place and may recommend the issue of the necessary licence in Form 8, Form 10 and Form 11, as the case may be, if the said place conforms to the requirements as laid down under sub-rule (13) for the sale or manufacture of food.
  • A licence may at any time be cancelled or suspended if any of the restrictions or conditions laid down therein are infringed or evaded by the licensee, or if the said person is previously convicted of infringement of any of the provisions of the Ordinance or the rules.
  • When any licence is cancelled or suspended or when the period for which it was granted has expired,the formal licence, shall for purposes of the Ordinance, be deemed to be without such licence until the order cancelling or suspending the licence is revoked or the licence is renewed.
  • An application for the grant or renewal of a licence shall be accompanied by a fee of rupees five thousand for the premises in category (a), rupees ten thousand for the premises in category (b), and rupees fifty thousand for the premises in category (c) mentioned in sub-rule (1) of rule 30
  • Every licence for purposes of the Ordinance and the rules shall be displayed at a prominent place within the licensed premises and shall be open to inspection by Executive District Officer Health or an inspector authorized by the Food Authority.
  • For purposes of these rules, any act or omission by any owner or occupier of a premises in respect of which a licence has been granted, or by the manager, agent, employee or other person engaged in or connected with the trade or business carried on in such premises shall be deemed to be an act or omission by the licensee.
  • Any person whose application for a licence has been rejected by a Food Authority may file an appeal to the Government on payment rupees one thousand as fee.
  • The Government, after making such inquiries as it deems necessary, may either reject the appeal or direct the Licensing Authority to issue the licence on such conditions and limitations as are necessary or deemed fit.
  • No application for the renewal of any licence that has been cancelled shall be entertained until after the lapse of a period of not less than three weeks from the date of cancellation.
  • The Food Authority shall maintain a register, permanently bound and serially paged, containing the name, and addresses of licence holders and applicants for licences and the location of their premises.
  • Every licence shall be renewed annually.
  • The register shall contain particulars of the disposal of the applications, the grounds of rejection, if any,annual renewal,cancellation or suspension or imposition of a penalty.
  • Each Food Authority shall provide the particulars regarding the name, address, the nature and the location of the business for which a licence has been granted, cancelled or suspended to the Government Public Analyst concerned and to the Executive District Officer Health of the area in which the premises is situated.
  • The Executive District Officer Health or a Food Inspector authorized by the Food Authority,in case of the licensed premises of categories (a) and (b) and concerned Executive District Officer Health shall inspect the licensed premises of category (c) in sub-rule (1) of rule 30 shall inspect the respective premises.
  • No person shall be granted a licence for a premise to operate a food manufacturing plant unless he complies with the following conditions:
    • The application is accompanied by a site plan showing the building and structure and medical fitness certificate as required under these rules
    • The building for housing the plant has:
      • Floors constructed of concrete or other impervious material, smooth and provided with trapped drains clean and in good repairs.
      • Walls and ceilings having a smooth, washable light colored surface, clean and in good repair.
      • Doors and windows provided with auto-closing and with effective means to prevent the access of flies and to screen the outer air.
      • Adequate lighting on all working surfaces.
      • Sufficient ventilation for emission of smoke and off odors condensing on structures and equipment.
      • Effective means for protection from contamination from insects and rodents.
      • Toilet rooms, wherever provided, bearing a sign and having self-closing doors, not opening into any rooms used for handling or storing of food.
      • Easily accessible, adequate water supply, and a safe sanitary quality.
      • Convenient hand-washing facilities with running water, soap and towels.
      • Cold storage facilities for perishable articles.
  • If the articles of food are manufactured, stored or exhibited for sale at different premises situated in more than one local area, separate applications, shall be made and separate licences shall be issued in respect of such premises not falling within the same local area; provided that the itinerant vendors who have no specified place of business may be licensed to conduct business within the jurisdiction of the licensing authority.
  • A licence granted under these rules unless suspended, withdrawn or cancelled earlier by the Licensing Authority, shall continue to be in force up to the end of the calendar year in which it is issued and shall be renewable annually on application by the licensee to the Licensing Authority on payment of renewal fee of rupees five hundred.
  • If a licensee fails to apply for renewal of licence before the date it was due to expire, the license shall not be renewed unless the licensing Authority is satisfied that there was sufficient cause for delay and in that case licensee shall pay an extra fee of rupees two fifty.
  • An application for the grant of a licence shall:
    • Specify name and address of the applicant.
    • Indicate the location, full particulars and address of the premises for which the licence is required.
    • Shall be accompanied with 2 passport size photographs of the applicant.
  • An application for the renewal of a licence shall specify:
    • The name of the licensee.
    • Licence number.
    • The location and full particulars of the licensed premises.
    • The date up to which the licence was valid.
  • An application for the renewal of a licence shall be subject to the conditions for the grant of licence under this and an endorsement of renewal of license shall be made on the original license.
  • If a licencee contravenes any condition of the licence, then without prejudice to any other action which may be taken against him, his licence may be cancelled or suspended by the licensing Authority after affording the licensee reasonable opportunity of showing cause against the proposed action.
  • An itinerant vendor granted a licence under these rules shall carry a metallic badge on his arm showing clearly the licence number, the nature of articles for the sale of which the licence has been granted, his name and address and the name, address of the owner, if any, for whom he is working. His containers of food and the vehicle shall also be similarly marked. In addition to the metallic badge, the vendor shall carry an identity card with his photograph and the number of his licence issued by Food authority. The identity card shall be renewed every year; provided that the whole time employees of the companies shall not be treated as itinerant vendors for the purpose of carrying a metallic badge on their arms or obtaining separate licences if an identity card containing particulars of the valid license is carried by them.

License Requirements for Cooked Meat in Pakistan

Cooked, grilled meat (mutton, beef, poultry and sea food) means the meat cooked or grilled in the form commonly known as Karachi Gosht, Karachi Tikka, Balti/karahi Gosht, Tikka (chicken, mutton, beef, fish), Mutton Chop, Roast Leg and in any other form of similar type by whatever name it is or may be called.

  • No person shall sell or offer for sale or prepare or store for sale either directly or indirectly, meat at any place and in any area or locality except under a licence granted under this Ordinance and at the place specified in the licence.
  • The meat shall be sold, offered for sale, prepared and stored for sale in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the Form-10.
  • A licence may be issued on a payment of rupees one thousand as fee and in the form appended to this Rule.
  • A duplicate licence may be issued on a payment of rupees fifty if it is proved to the satisfaction of licensing Authority that the original licence was lost or damaged in a bona fide manner.
Punjab Pure Food Rules, 2011

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