Following a Fashion Statement? Here are some Trendy Looks of 2018

With every year comes an entire collection of fashion trends to get in on. Many people follow fashion trends and some take matters into their own hands and create trends of their own.

Here are few eastern trends that we got to see this year so far!

  • Monochrome


Peplums with embellished trousers was most followed this shaadi season.



  • Off Shoulders

Making a bold statement by off shoulder tops.

  • Floral Lehangas


Gowns are ever trending whether it’s a wedding or a red carpet. It just nails the event.

Medium Length Shirts with Cigarette trouser

Medium length shirts with cigarette trouser are always a style statement. It looks elegant. Bell trousers are now replaced by cigarette pants.


  • Bold Colours

Bold colors are making its way through fashion industry. Neon, Metallic gold, Teal and Lime are hip in.


So which trend are you looking forward to?


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