Firestorm Created by Public on Asim Azhar and Iqra Aziz’s Pictures

Instagram has become a trendy platform for celebrities to share moments and interact with their fans like never before. But occasionally a star’s post can set fire to a response from followers they certainly not expected. A photo or caption that they considered was lovely or humorous can bring out haters who love criticizing them for no good reason. Whereas loads of celebrities clap back to shut up the trolls, other choose not to even distinguish their comments with a reply.

In recent times Asim Azhar posted a picture of himself with Iqra Aziz. In the picture Asim is carrying the Suno Chanda starlet as if he is giving her a piggy back ride. He captioned the picture, “Fall in Love like no one is watching with the hashtags. #iqraaziz #newsingle

Here is the firestorm that has been created by Asim’s Instagram post.

An additional picture of Asim and Iqra was also posted on Instagram and People started describing it to #MeToo.

There are always people on such posts who instead of criticizing and back lashing say that everybody is free to live their lives according to their wish and will. No other person has the right to judge them based on their emergence, attire or the way they have taken a certain pictures but people do what they got to do anyways.


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