Fighting & Dispute In Live Show Between Arif Alvi, Hafiz Hamdullah, Musahid Ullah Khan, & Hassan Nisar

Talk shows in Pakistan with politicians should be very informal and should be discussing national issues but instead these talk shows are just about playing the blame game.

In this video there are senior politicians and anchors are fighting over drone attacks by USA on northern Pakistan. Mr Arif Alvi from PTI, Hafiz Hamdullah from JUI(F), Mushahid Ullah Khan from PML(N), and senior anchor person and analyst Hassan Nisar are fighting, abusing each other and blaming on personal issues, instead of talking and discussing the real issues in a live show of senior anchor person Kashif Abbasi in his show Off The Record. Watch this video and leave you comments below about our politicians and the way they discuss national issues on live TV.

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