FIA Detects More Accounts in Money Laundering Scam

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has revealed 30 more anonymous accounts used in laundering over Rs10 billion. During the partial investigation into recognized money laundering scam involving Asif Ali Zardari and his aides, FIA officials revealed on Sunday that 30 more anonymous bank accounts were detected which were operated under the name of eight domestic workers hired by an influential businessman.

FIA told that the salaries of the workers were between Rs12,000 to Rs15,000, yet transactions up to Rs10 billion had been conducted through their bank accounts. According to the investigation agency, the accounts were used to launder money around different districts of the province.

The Supreme Court in July had taken up a suo motu case regarding fake accounts that revolves around a 2015 investigation into the doubtful transactions when 29 anonymous bank accounts were identified. Seven individuals were found involved in transacting Rs 35 billion suspiciously.

Former president Zardari and his sister were among over a dozen suspects affirmed fugitives in the money-laundering scam.

In the FIA list, Anwar Majeed and his son’s names appear on top, while those of Zardari and Talpur were on the 19th and 20th number, respectively. According to the FIR registered by FIA, transactions of billions of rupees were made into suspicious accounts, including the one owned by the PPP leaders, the Zardari Group, which is indicted of receiving Rs 15 million of the allegedly laundered money.

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