Feminism Or Child Labor? We Need To Prioritize

We are living in a world of modernism, where education is considered as the fundamental tool to be the accurate part of this society. We seek a much better and aggregate society around us, with better living standard and resources. But when we look through the lower class areas of the society or poor living areas, it can be abbreviated that still there are areas where betterment of this society has been confined to no change. Where there is no concept of technological advancement or modernity. Where small children are enforced to work willingly or unwillingly. These are the areas where the illegality of child labor and human assault remains unnoticed.

Is Women Empowerment a Bigger Concern Than Child Labor in My Country

Today, as we are deliberately empowering women of our society; why is it that child labor is not criminalized yet. Here i ask this question

Is feminism a bigger concern than bonded child labor in Pakistan? Maybe it’s time for us to prioritize what we really need to fix here.

We usually see through over the streets these underage laborers struggling to earn their meal for the day. Or child junkies and vendors working along. Where goes our humanity then?

Is Women Empowerment Bigger Concern Than Child Labor in My Country

Working for the well-being of the family cannot always be declared as wrong but the potential that deprives their mental and physical health should be questioned. At most cases children are being enslaved and taken away from their families and violated to work on streets.

However, in Pakistan the rate of this diplomacy is increasing with 12.5 million children are stuck in this uncertainty. In our country, one in every four individual is living in poverty which confront the specification of this inhuman act. Many international organizations such as UNICEF is working to overcome this issue. But the efforts put up against this is deliberately low withstanding to its increasing strata.

Is Women Empowerment a Bigger Concern Than Child Labor in My Countr

At a young age they are provoked to work as their parents declare that they cannot afford their educational expense. Hence, this should be the responsibility of our government that it should tackle against such issues and provide compulsory educational relief to all at least till primary level. Moreover, strict laws and penalties should be induced by the government over such activities.

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