Faysal Qureshi Made fun of Meera G and It’s Not Okay

Faysal Qureshi one of the finest morning show host attracted a lot of viewers. His shows are always different from other morning shows. Nowadays in every show its been tending to mock other people which isn’t a good thing obviously. The mocking of politicians and their family is never justifiable, neither it is okay when it is done for an actor. No one gives anyone ANY RIGHT to mock or belittle someone, just because you don’t like their set beliefs or lifestyle. It’s common human decency.

Meera G is always the subject of both playful and harmful mockery. Faisal Qureshi usually treats celebrities with respect but this time he too joined the bandwagon of giving Meera G undeserved mockery and hatred.

Faysal had invited actress Saida Imtiaz on his morning show, where he did a rapid-fire round and asked her to describe famous personalities with one word. The actress was asked to describe Meera jee  and used the word “dictionary” for her. Faysal by passing on a nasty comment, saying that if he were to take a dictionary from her then that would be an even bigger issue.

People didn’t appreciate the shade thrown at Meera’s language (when he basically implied that if she didn’t have a dictionary with her than she’d be incapable of expressing herself).

Many said that this was an unfair dig at the actress, that too on live television. This type of attitude should be condemned so that it doesn’t hurt anyone and should be avoided next type in any type of programmes.

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