Faris Shafi And Ali Sethi’s Waasta

Faris Shafi, the famous Pakistani rapper is known for his bold lyrics regarding politics and our hypocritical society. His songs “Awaam” feat Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo and “Jawab De” were a hit. Now after two years he has released his new song on soundcloud with Ali Sethi who previously resurfaced and rocked the coke studio.

Watch the Official Video here

Ali Sethi has tried to steal our hearts yet again with his soft tone while Faris Shafi as always tried to wake people up through lyrics that awaken us by showing us a different perspective on the life we have. Even though Faris Shafi has notched down on his use of language, parental advisory is still recommended.

In another news, Faris Shafi’s controversial song Muskura that was banded has been resurfacing again. Many links are still being removed on the author’s request however.

The song is a hit because the composition is great, another thing that would be making it hit is the Ali Zafar and Patari controversy. The CEO of Patari was early facing charges of women employee harassment and now Patari is accused of supporting Ali Zafar and holding back the artist, Faris.The conversation screenshot between employees were leaked and once again there is a stain on Ali Zafar’s image. Although there has been no response from his side.


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