Falling In a Dream? Here’s What it Means According to Psychologists

After my house maid came to me one day and asked me about a dream she had about plucking and eating a mango, and what it meant?  I immediately thought she was being superstitious, who believed these things could control her destiny, any way I googled some answers and found out, it meant that soon she was gonna make profit.

Falling In a Dream Here's What it Means According to Psychologists

Now by that I realized that dreams don’t necessarily tell us about the ultimate destiny or universal forces, but merely are a reflection of our own selves and a mirror to our own desires and fears, they might be telling us what we might be capable of accomplishing. Sometimes in my dreams , while communicating, I had more knowledge about certain things or topics, that I never even knew I had! And maybe my maid was soon thinking of embarking on a venture that held potential profits and she wanted someone to tell her that yes go for it!


Hence dreams should not be taken lightly, many prominent psychologists believe dreams to be a manifestation of the unconscious mind, as one of the founders of Psychology, Freud says ‘states of sleep are a period of uproar and chaos during which the unconscious thoughts of the id attempt to force their way into their way into consciousness’.

Falling In a Dream Here's What it Means According to Psychologist

Many of our desires linger in the unconscious mind and not the ‘subconscious’, the subconscious being where desires are suppressed but we still do have a certain control, unconscious is where we are completely, consciously unaware of the desires or values residing in it, also we lack control. And although sometimes the dreams are clear in what they are trying to convey like thinking about the new house you’ve been wanting to buy appears in your dream, most of the times, however, dreams take the shape of symbols that seem completely pointless to you.

Turns out they DO have meaning, it’s the unconscious trying to communicate with you through codes known as ‘symbolism’. Just like soldiers used Morse Codes earlier in Wars, through radio, when voice transmission wasn’t possible -It’s just like that.

Even more fascinating is the fact that people from different cultures and backgrounds report having similar dreams, you can evaluate by the given symbols what meaning they hold true within your own life.

1. Water

We have all seen water in our dreams at one point or another. It’s said that large bodies of water represent the unconscious itself, so you might be exploring repressed feelings in the vast ocean (the unconscious). The clarity of water states how effectively you are managing your emotions. In short you don’t wanna see dirty water.

2. Being Chased

It could mean that in your waking life you are running away from something you don’t want to face or accept. Being in denial about an impending reality. Or conversely, a desire of wanting to be pursued by someone.

3. School or Classroom

We often wonder why are we back at school, in adulthood, in many of our dreams? The answer lies in the fact: what a classroom represents? Possibly an exam or test that you might feel unprepared for (a dream pun). In real life it might reflect on a lesson you need to learn from the past.

4. Falling

Although terrifying, for some people it’s an act of letting go especially if it’s a slow peaceful fall. For most it represents a feeling of being out of control in their waking lives.

5. Nudity

The clothes we wear in waking life help identify us–they represent how we want others to see us. Clothes also hide our imperfect bodies, and metaphorically, our emotional and psychological imperfections. When we aren’t wearing clothes we are stripped of our identity and others can see us as we really are. A state of emotional or psychological vulnerability. A positive feeling may represent acceptance of who you are or what you’ve done in your waking life and a negative one, the opposite.

6. Baby

No, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to have a baby. It simply means the development of something ‘new’ in your waking life. A new goal, project, idea or growth in a specific area.

7. Radio or Television

This one is fascinating as it could literally mean that the unconscious is trying to connect with you through a communication channel to send a message of sorts, so listen very carefully or ask questions.

8. And Lastly, Death

Don’t worry it just symbolizes the ending of one phase of your life and the beginning of another or an aspect of your life that has died. Or the end of a relationship.

Since the people in your dreams often depict different aspects of yourself, then the person you see dead or dying is important to deciphering the dream. What does this person represent to you? For instance, a child dying can symbolize you are maturing in some way and leaving a childish aspect of yourself behind.

And again, dreams only represent what YOUR thoughts or feelings are and not some magical fate. They may be hidden in the unconscious mind that’s why they may seem bizarre to you but there is a science to it and you can decipher the codes!

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