Fakhr e Alam Setting an Example For Parenting!

Fakhr e Alam, the highly praised singer, artist, TV director and chairperson of the Sindh Censor Board, has been making us proud with his appearances and participation with world famous programs. His fresh talk at Google made him the first Pakistani to verbalize at the search giant brought too much fakhr for the country. (See, what we did there?)

Together with that, Fakhr e Alam has also been one of the remarkable singers and has given some real fun music to the industry. Furthermore, while we’re proud of him and his accomplishments, Fakhr-e-Alam himself is proud of his daughter and here’s the reason!

The singer sets a very good example for parents to allow kids do whatsoever they want to. Our generation’s kids are smart and sharp enough these days to understand their interests. Just like Alam’s daughter likes coding, a field not much known for females, maybe other kids are interested too in exploring and utilizing their interests. Parents should appreciate every positive act of their children. They should encourage them to be curious and not be tied down by societal standards!


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