Faiz International Festival’s Dates Announced!

Finally the wait is over and the dates for Faiz International Festival have been announced with the venue. The three-day Faiz International Festival will be held at Alhamra Arts Council, Mall road, Lahore from November 16 to November 18 on the eve of Faiz Ahmed Faiz death’s anniversary.

According to the organizers, the Faiz International festival is celebrations of what Faiz Ahmed Faiz rise for. Apart from local writers, musicians, artists, activities, all come together from across world to allocate their work and ideas and to celebrate one of the greatest poets of Urdu language.

The Faiz Festival will arrange activities for children which include debate competitions, theatre workshop, art and photography activities by The Litter Art, and a science workshop for Children. More than a 100 Scholars, Speakers and Panellists will be there.

Jublee Insurance and Geo News will be the media partners and you’ll get a chance to meet several well-known celebrities like Saba Qamar, Bushri Ansari and many others.

On the occasion, dance performances, Kathak performances, poetry recitation based on the lyrics of Faiz Ahmed Faiz , Dastan goee (Story telling).

Faiz Ahmad Faiz, an intellectual and a revolutionary poet of Urdu language was born on February 13, 1911, and breathed his last on November 20, 1984, got a Lenin Peace Prize. Faiz was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature. He was an outstanding member of the Progressive Writers’ Movement (PWM). The Soviet Union (Russia) awarded Lenin Peace Prize to Faiz in 1962.

In the period of Dictator Zia ul Haq, his poetry became a sign of struggle against autocracy and became a trendy voice. ‘Hum dekhenge’ poem was one of his mainly popular poems. Jab zulm-o-sitam ke koh-e-giraan, rui ki tarah ud jaayenge, Hum mahkoomon ke paaon tale, yeh dharti dhad dhad dhadkegi, Aur Ahl-e-hakam ke sar upar, jab bijli kad kad kadkegi, hum dekhenge (When mountains of tyranny will blow away like cotton, When the ground beneath the feet of us who are the oppressed will shake and tremble). Faiz wrote his famous poem ‘Speak—your lips are free’ in 1941.


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