Facebook Preventive And Progressive Measures

With great power comes great responsibility but in context for Facebook we must say ‘with great audience comes great spurious news.’

Facebook officials have been going through often legal hearings and has started to take extensive measures to avoid any further unhealthy interaction with law.

Facebook is one of the widely used social platform, the ease to create a page and share anything has somewhat promoted fake news trend, unintentionally shared by naive users.

Recently Facebook introduced a feature to judge the reported or flagged content on the basis of users activity to avoid any subjective influenced  removal of content and also developed a fact checking tool for articles. The measures has reached to a new level with developed tools to verify authentic photos and videos as well circulating.

The technique was first tested in France and is now ready to roll out and spread, it will soon be available in 17 countries. Through a machine learning technique, system will identify signals associated with harmful or/and fake content and cross check (using reverse image search, image metadata analysis software) photos, audios and videos with other authentic sources on the website. Facebook has partnered with 27 third party networks including AFP. The third party networks would also be authorized to flag fake content on own.

Along with the preventive measures Facebook is also widening its technological use. Recently, it launched #sheMeansBusiness in partnership with ‘universal service fund’ (USF) in Islamabad and Punjab IT board (PITB) which includes a digital  literacy program of three months in Lahore. The #SheMeanBusinees initiative has trained over 42,000 women. Facebook is also set to release its own video chat device. The device available with two screen sizes would cost around $300- $400.


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