Fabiha Sherazi – That’s How You Look!

Dear Fabiha Sherazi

We hope you’re reading this. If you’ve ever wondered how people look at you or feel about you, you can simply analyze that by checking out your Instagram & Twitter public profile feeds below. Don’t believe in what people say. The number of ‘Likes’ you get over Facebook or the ‘Retweets’ you get over Twitter or even the “Followers’ you’ve over Instagram, this all has no meaning until you add value to other people’s lives.

Your Instagram’s Public Feed

[instagram-feed id=1484114685 num=12 cols=3 showfollow=false showheader=false]

And Your Twitter’s Public Feed

[custom-twitter-feeds screenname=SheraziFabiha num=9 masonry=true showheader=false]

Fabiha, the least you can do is to start sharing some more valuable information for people who follow you! We hope the above true reflections of your own self would have made you think better about you!

Best Regards,

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