Fabiha Sherazi: Age, Husband, Children, Pictures, Contact, Facebook & Instagram

Fabiha Sherazi is a young fashion model of Pakistan who gained popularity in ARY’s show, Jeeto Pakistan. The host of this show is Fahad Mustafa and Fabiha is one of the assistants.

There’re a number of questions that people ask about her. Not just ask, people are crazy enough to search for her over internet (you’re probably one of them 😛 ) and following is the information you probably were looking for:

Age: She was born on May 29th as mentioned over her Instagram profile but like other girls, she has hidden the birth year. So, if you’re looking for Fabiha Sherazi’s real age, you won’t find it over internet. Better get a Jeeto Pakistan show ticket & ask her there! Or, checkout her contact information below to know her real age estimation 😉

Husband & Children: Ufff, look, she is unmarried! So, if you find someone saying otherwise, they’re just lying. Yes, i know there’re a number of Youtube videos with such titles to make you believe that there might be some of her wedding pictures or her pictures with her husband but there isn’t. And if you’re trying to figure out your chances 😛 go ahead, get a ticket of Jeeta Pakistan & ask her! About her children; i believe you understand that you have to married for that.

Facebook: Fabiha has a personality profile page on Facebook & you can stay connected by Liking it at:

Instagram: Like anyone, she also uses Instagram & post regularly. Start following here if you’re really too into her

Contact: Fabiha’s publicly listed email is, I believe she might have an assistant to answer the emails if she ever uses it. But, there’s a key information in it! The email ends with 94. So, i’m guessing it would be her birth year. If that’s right, Fabiha Sherazi would be 23 years old.

Top Searched Personality (2017)

Fabiha has been listed on top of the list of most searched personalities over Google in Pakistan. Well, people do seem crazy about her :-p

Pictures: Some of her absolutely stunning Instagram pictures. Don’t forget to share!

Fabiha Sherazi Family

Fabiha Sherazi Contact

Fabiha Sherazi Age

Fabiha Sherazi


Fabiha Sherazi Child

Fabiha Sherazi Husband

Fabeeha Shirazi

Fabiha Shirazi Waseem Badami

Fabiha Sherazi Wedding

Fabiha Sherazi Instagram

Fabiha Sherazi with Fahad Mustafa



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