EzBuy The Largest Cross-Border Platform Of E-Commerce Finally In Pakistan

EzBuy is an e-commerce platform that is already operating in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The company has now started launched their website in Pakistan and they provide access to thousands of products from the official stores like  JD, TMall, Amazon, Walmart, Taobao and many other retailers from all across the world.

That is a big news for Pakistan as there was no official source or e-commerce platform to buy verified products from Amazon and other official retailers. With all those trusted products on the site, this platform gives the Pakistani audience to improve their lifestyle in a unique manner.

Kamran Shaukat is the CEO and founder of EzBuy in Pakistan and the reason why this company is expected to grow in Pakistan is that he has an experience of over 20 years in the e-commerce industry. He also happens to be the one who gave a kick start to McDonald’s in Pakistan. Shaukat has also worked with e-commerce giants like Walmart, Alibaba and other companies. So it was natural that he would come up with this idea in Pakistan to boost the e-commerce industry in the country.

The store was officially launched in Pakistan on 1st August 2018 and right now they have all the products from China. Their game plan is to also offer products from United States and Korea. Adding to that they also launched a site name Haute Shop and the purpose of that is to export the fashion goods from Pakistan to other countries. This aims to promote the local trends and also to provide facilities to the people of Pakistan living abroad.

The CEO Kamran Shaukat said:

“We want to be the best platform to work, live, play, and make Pakistanis happier. We all know happy people are the most productive people. We are friends with China. We are still evolving and tabdeeli is in the air!”

Xue Bin Vincent, Co-Founder & CEO ezbuy said:

“We have done a full competence research in Pakistan. We will continue to disrupt this market. We want to make ezbuy Pakistan a brain-product for Pakistani shoppers. If Google is for search, ezbuy is for products. I think one very important thing in ezbuy is that we are customer oriented. We are primarily driven by the focus on customers happiness and satisfaction.”


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