Evolution Of Eyebrows Over The Decades

If the eyes are the window to the soul, the brows must be the gate keepers. Eye brows really do change our look and they give definition to your face. Here are the changing eyebrow trends over the past decades.

  1. 1920s- The Pencil-Thin Rounded Eyebrow

  2. 1930s- The Upward Rounded Arch

  3. 1940s- The Heavy Arched Brow

  4. 1950s- The Pointed Arch

  5. 1960s- The Full Brow

  6. 1970s- Sharp Arch

  7. 1980s- The Bushy Brow

  8. 1990s- The Skinny Brow

  9. 2000s- The Pencil Brow

  10. 2005- The Natural Brow

  11. 2010- The Bold Brow

  12. 2012 Onwards- The Thick Strong Brows


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