Everything Wrong With The World We Live In

These illustrations by various artists are so hauntingly powerful, they will make you think twice about the World we live in.

In our daily lives we tend to ignore the subtle little casualties that have become part of our toxic reality. Art imitates life, and sometimes it is stronger than real life because it mirrors our truth and then it makes you wonder, as you stand amazed in the eyes of honesty, about the realities we so happily are willing to exist in?

Here are a few powerful illustrations about society and what they mean.

The obese get more obese and the skinny, skinnier. But everything is alright in marketing as long ‘you’ the customer always have a little extra.

We seriously need to rethink our priorities and how in the World we allowed ourselves to dumb down to the point of blindness.

Let social media only be a hobby, don’t let it control you it’s not real.

Because pharmaceuticals are the answer to everything. That’s exactly what pharmaceuticals companies want you to think.

Your immune system thinks otherwise, don’t make it so weak.

You guessed it right. Freedom of thought is not encouraged, creativity is filtered.

One word, consumerism.

It’s all about products, brands, endorsements and more products, things we don’t even really need.

But no this new Sun Block is definitely better than the previous one because it literally looks exactly the same with a different colored cap.

‘Marketing done right’

Congratulations, you’re officially dumb.

Let the picture do the talking.

Because environmental degradation is only a myth.

How media works.

Because it’s all about getting to the finishing line and being part of the glorious rat race.

No room for a thing known as Individualism.

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