Every moment matters

Everybody has someone or something that is so important to them. Especially our loved ones. When someone who has been such an important part of our lives dies one day, we feel as if our heart is completely crushed and that life can never be the same again.

During my school life, I had a best friend. We had been best friends since childhood. During the last days of school, my birthday came up and she gifted me a beautiful necklace. Ever since childhood, she gave me loads of gifts but this was something I loved the most. After school, I started my college life and she went to America for additional studies. We both didn’t know if we’d stay in each other’s lives or not. Even though we wanted to, distance is a huge factor to consider.

But I kept this necklace vigilantly with me. We couldn’t stay as close as we’d have liked after she went abroad but we still shared a special bond. Suddenly, college life ended and I joined university. Life became tougher. New friends, new goals, fresh dreams but I never found a mate like her. Years passed, I had no idea where she was. We were not in contact for 3 months. It was my last day of university. Unexpectedly, I got a message from her. She told me she couldn’t call and keep in touch for several circumstances that came up in her life but she told me that she was coming to Pakistan but didn’t tell me an exact day. I was beyond thrilled.

I waited for two days and one Sunday morning I saw a headline running on every news channel that a plane from America to Pakistan has crashed. At once, I called my best friend but the mobile was switched off. I called her mother; she told me that her daughter was present in the same plane which was crashed. She was traveling Pakistan to meet me and kept it as a surprise for me. Blood drained from my face when I heard this tragic news. I felt as if my heart has been ripped from my body.

The necklace which she gave me during our school life became my most treasured item after her death; it was a key for me to remember her. She was not by my side but she still dwells in my heart. Whenever I wear this necklace, I feel the existence of her soul around me. I feel like she’s within me and will remain forever.

Life is so short and unpredictable; you never know what’s coming next. So feel and cherish every moment you go through. Her message taught me a lesson that nothing is random.


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