Every 4th Person in Pakistan Has Diabetes

26% of Pakistan has diabetes, that’s every 4th person and a further 14% are pre-diabetic. That’s 40% of our entire population!

This is not the time to ignore it. Get your HB1AC test done after every 6 months.

98% people are on agricultural era diet, we eat parathey and eggs and rice and then sit on our ass all day. 98% people don’t give a thought to what they are putting in their mouth. You will see laborers having two table spoon sugar in their tea and 4 rotis with every meal, that’s cheap energy and that works for them, it doesn’t work for other people. Cut the roti, cut the sugar, get off your ass, do 30 minutes of daily cardio. Avoid cheap calories, if you must have go to desi ghee and desi chicken else vegetables are best diet.

Most importantly, it’s your mental health. Avoid the stress, I have seen people who labour in the fields and people who paint the boats in Dubai getting diabetes when they are just 23. Nothing is more important than staying easy.

Make a behavioral change in your lifestyle. At least be mindful about it, at least try to dodge this disease!

BBC Urdu

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