English Learning Centers in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Mirpur is a city growing with the ever increasing demand and supply chain of leaned people and able workers who have the education and knowledge that takes them a step ahead and alongside workers in the bigger cities. Filled with job opportunities, Mirpur is the place to avail these opportunities and to put in a good word for themselves, one must be fluent in the English language as it is an international requirement nowadays. The city is filled with educational and English learning centers that help aid whoever wishes to improve on their spoken English, vocabulary and written skills. These establishments not only help with the development of better English, but also provide the required tests like IELTS or TOEFL which are needed to apply abroad.

One such facility is UKCEL which is a United Kingdom registered establishment headed by representatives from UK and Pakistan collectively. It has the main branch on Kotli road near Azad Mega Mart. It offers courses related to spoken English, Basic English, IELTS, TOEFL and advanced English live. Another amazing institute to learn English skills is, A1 UKBA English Institute. Located in main city Mirpur, the Company offers a multitude of different qualifications and courses such as CIE (Certificate in English), DIE (Diploma in English), (Business English), English for International Opportunities and the ETP(English Trainer Program). The two institutes are the hallmark institutes of the city and cater to huge audiences. English, rapidly growing as the leading language in the corporate world, makes lives very difficult for the people who are illiterate or have little or no grip on the English language.

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