English Learning Centers in Lahore

Lahore is a city filled with job opportunities and to avail these opportunities and put in a good word for themselves, one must be fluent in the English language as it is an international requirement nowadays. The city is filled with educational and English learning centers that help aid whoever wishes to improve on their spoken English, vocabulary and written skills. These establishments not only help with the development of better English, but also provide the required tests like IELTS or TOEFL which are needed to apply abroad.

List of English Learning Centers in Lahore

  1. One such facility is PACANs which is a Canadian registered establishment headed by a Canadian graduate. It has 4 branches in Defense, Raiwind, Township and Gulberg. It offers courses related to spoken English, Basic English, IELTS, TOEFL and advanced English live. These courses are specifically designed to thoroughly test the student’s understanding of the subject and it has a 5 star rating as it engages the students, providing them with revision material, mock exams and lots of guidance.
  2. Another amazing institute to enhance your English skills is, Eureka! The Institute of English Language located in Defense, Eureka is the first internationally acclaimed institute based both in Pakistan and the UK. The Company offers a multitude of different qualifications and courses such as EESP(Eureka English Specialist Program), CIEE (Certificate in Eureka English), DIEE (Diploma in Eureka English), EBE (Eureka Business English), English for International Opportunities and the EETP(Eureka English Trainer Program) What sets this establishment apart is the fact that the company is recognized in the international community and offers certain competitive advantages such as their state of the art, specialized and revised curriculum, their close association with International Examination  and Certifications organizations and the fact that the certified teachers are 100% committed to your education!
  3. The Berlitz Language institute situated on Mian Mehmood Ali kasoori road, is an institution that goes by the motto of “Helping the world Communicate.” It is known for its specialized programs that it offers to not only individuals but entire organizations, businesses and even the government to develop good English language skills among others to succeed in the global community. The organization has a very innovative approach to education and imparting knowledge. It offers courses such as Global Leadership Training (GLT), Government and institutional programs and English language programs.

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