Eid Is Over But We’re Still Hungover

As we celebrated Eid in full swing, all the festivities and celebrations have gone down around the streets and bazaars. Muslims around the World eagerly waited for the announcement of ‘Eid ka Chand’ to go out and celebrate Chaand Raat.

But let’s not forget Chaand Raat is not just about going out to eat in restaurants with your gals, or sit in lavish cars roaming around the city jamming to music with loud woofer. Is it something that you already don’t do like every single weekend?

Chaand Raat is a cultural thing and it’s important and beautiful that we celebrate it in its true form. No it’s not outdated to go out on streets and buy bangles, and it’s totally Ok to get mehndi done on your hands, trust me you are missing out big time, if you don’t enjoy these precious moments our culture has to offer.

The ‘Choori Galis’ under fairy lights, with wonderful colors reflecting all around from the bangles gracefully hanging on stands, shiny jewellery dropping down on you from somewhere above, the Rubina cone mehndis and most importantly that excitement in people eyes.

Culture is not only for the poor, it’s part of who we are and it’s Ok to engage in it. When you travel to other countries you don’t see people hiding their culture? Do you see them not decorating their Christmas trees or not hiding gifts in it for their children? Similarly we should also appreciate our festivals and celebrate how they are meant to be celebrated.

Also if you ask any desis residing abroad, they will tell you how totally uncool it is to party in your cars or restaurants and how celebrating Chand Raat on streets is actually way cooler, because they miss out on these little things big time, things we take so for granted.

It’s about family it’s about spreading love and how beautiful it is to witness all people coming together regardless of social class and getting excited for a single shared thing for once.

No it’s not cheap to engage with everybody on streets and appreciate the awesomeness of those pretty festive lights, they have been decorated for you too, there is no thing such as being ‘too desi’. So for all those landay ke angraiz, it’s important you know that we should be proud of these little things that are so unique to our own country and traditions, because it’s something we are never gonna get anywhere in the World.


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